About PrincipalsFORUM

As the purpose, goal and scholastic & co-scholastic processes of school education evolve in response to societal, cultural, educational and demographic changes, they present newer situations and challenges that the principals, as school leaders must address. It calls for appropriate attitudes, values, skills and competencies that principals of today's and tomorrow's school must acquire and demonstrate. They must not only grapple with these new challenges, but also prepare students for the world beyond school in their post secondary vocations or institutions of higher education.

PrincipalsFORUM is a movement, is a program and is a web portal. In any or all of its avatars, the professional and personal challenges, opportunities and needs of the principals and their schools would be addressed. It is a collaboration virtual; through the web and physical; through conclaves, round tables, conferences and other modes, amongst teachers, principals, researchers, trainers, institutions, schools and school administrators in providing quality education conforming to global standards.