National Conference of School Principals - 2012

The ˜National Conference of School Principals 2012 had its motivations rooted here. Most principals at the conference wanted to know if this conference would lead to any real action. PrincipalsFORUM was the answer. It is one of the highlights of the recently concluded National Conference of the School Principals-2012 [NCSP-12]. Web version of PrincipalsFORUM, was launched by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Hon'ble Minister of State of HRD on November 8, 2012.

Principals FORUM is a one-window support for Principals. It is a response to the challenges that the schools and learners face in the 21st century.

Besides its web version, Principals FORUM is a movement and a program, which aims to address professional and personal challenges, opportunities and needs of the principals and their schools. It is collaboration virtual through the web and the physical mode-through conclaves, roundtables, conferences amongst teachers, principals, researchers, trainers, institutions and school administrators in providing quality education conforming to global standards.

Principals FORUM will also provide one window information compendium to help and guide the practicing principals to manage and lead their schools in various spheres of academic and school management.

The response of the delegates during the conference regarding the appropriateness and usefulness of the Principals FORUM was very positive and encouraging. With this input and recommendations that we decided to initiate the process of further strengthening and spreading this movement and program on pan India basis.

CityForum will connect, aggregate and assimilate in Principals FORUM through a process of continuing web based interaction and dialog. Whatever needs attention, beyond the local city issues and challenges will escalate to the Principals FORUM at the national level, who will take up resolution of these issues at appropriate for as.

It is with this in view, that the Principals FORUM was conceived and launched by Mr. Shashi Tharoor on 8th November 2012. While we only launched the web version of collaboration amongst principals across India, we are now embarking on an even more exciting journey of bringing cohorts together in which ever cities they are in to ensure that their local issues are addressed and handled right there, with the support of their own professional kin.