Functioning of CityFORUM

Principals who attended the NCSP-12 would be appropriate Torch Bearers to spearhead the movement in respective cities by forming CityFORUM as extensions and interface of PrincipalsFORUM. Salient and essential features of "Constitution" of CityFORUM are as follows:-

To begin with, we request Principals to volunteer and come forward to take on the role of "Facilitators" for conceptualizing and giving a physical shape to "CityFORUM" in respective cities. In case where Principals from more than one school in a city have attended NCSP-12, we request them to decide amongst themselves as to who volunteers to take on the role of Facilitator.

In case of Metros and big cities, the area be divided into number of clusters (each cluster having 6 to 25 schools), based on geographical convenience, each cluster acting as an independent CityForum.

Each CityForum would have a unique identity , which is not used by any other. For example Dwarka, Sector11, New Delhi, CityFORUM

The Facilitators are requested to network with other schools in the proximity or in the city, motivating them to join CityFORUM. This would be possible only when they are convinced that their school would benefit from such a venture. Therefore, this requires special attention and is the key to success.

The principal taking lead could be the convener of this forum. At least ten [5] secondary schools must come together and resolve to set up a CityFORUM. Only after the approval of Sponsored School Members your CityFORUM would get created. Compile the database of the schools in their cities and upload the same on

The principals only need to post their details on the net at and elect, in any manner, from amongst themselves, a chairperson, convener and a treasurer.

Record of Decisions: CityFORUM may maintain their record of decisions every time they meet. These can also be posted on the web at