Our Mission

PrincipalsFORUM is our response to the challenges that the schools and learners run into in this 21st century. Since the persona of the principal, as the school leader, has a defining impact on student learning, attitudes, values and even the choice of careers they pursue, it is important that we, as a nation, invest in preparing principals to lead wholesomely and by example, in taking the entire school community that includes students, teachers, parents and the local community, to its cherished destinations.

PrincipalsFORUM is now translating this mission into action, by way of a number of initiatives for empowering the principals or the aspiring principals.

PrincipalsFORUM - Training & Empowerment

PrincipalsFORUM will arrange, in collaboration with universities and colleges, short and long-term programs that aspiring or practicing principals can attend. The program duration may range from 6 months, [one semester] to 2 years [four semesters]. Those who go through these programs would not only benefit by way of personal and professional growth, they would, more importantly, be able to carry this benefit over to learning communities and schools they lead. This could well be a life changer for participating principals, their teachers & students at one level but a game changer for India at another.