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City FORUMS  are the city chapters of Principals FORUM set up with a vision to strengthen the spirit and will of the Principals FORUM to ensure that Principals bid for their due role in formulation of educational policies, regulatory frameworks and management issues rather than be at mercy of managements and Goverments. The objective of these forums is to address the issues faced by individual school principals in their day to day functions including advocacy. These forums will add value to the movement to enrich, elevate and empower the School Principals.

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Questionnaire For City FORUM

1 - How frequently do you think that the member Principals should meet in the City Forums?

Weekly Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
2 - How would you be able to contribute towards the city Forum in your Town/City/Locality?

As Member Only  Motivate other Principals to join Leading from front
3 - What are your expectations from City Forum in your Town/City/Locality?

Please tick your priorities from among the list given below and also rate them in the order of your priority from 1 to 7 against the box provided. 1 being the highest priorities 7 being the lowest priorities
  • Sharing the best practices:
  • Training & Development for staff and for self:
  • Interschool exchange programmes-students:
  • Leveraging power with local authorities and administration:
  • Legal and statutory issues being addressed:
  • IT systems & processes:
  • Advocacy:
  • Other:
    However you may also provide your feedback via email: