Functioning of CityFORUM


CityFORUM may decide to contribute any amount, as may decide and open a separate account therefor. All expenses of the forum may be met out of funds so contributed by the members. No fee of any description is required to be paid to either PrincipalsFORUM or any other body.

The financial implications if any, to conduct the activities of the CityFORUM may be decided jointly. However, it must be kept in mind that these are purely voluntary and solely to be used for promoting activities related to CityFORUM.

CityForum will promote and hold discussions, debates, brainstorming sessions to collectively address issues and challenges.

CityFORUM shall, as a proactive advocacy, also be a collective voice of principals to bring about reforms

We therefore earnestly urge all the Principals who attended NCSP-12 to exhort their peer group to join us in this noble movement of empowering the Principals a movement which is OF, BY and FOR the Principals.